Microsoft Excel Advanced Level 1

Excel Advanced training Melbourne


Microsoft Excel training course in Melbourne and across Australia.  Face-to-face Excel training or Live online Excel training courses available.

The Excel Advanced course aims to give participants a comprehensive overview of Excel’s Formulas, Functions, Tables, PivotTables and PivotCharts in order to create comprehensive reports from databases.

What you'll Learn:

Using Names

A single cell or a range of cells can be named to simplify references in formulas and functions.

You'll learn how to create Names, use Names in formulas and functions and Manage Names.

Using Names in Excel

Using Tables

The fancy formatting options for tables are just the beginning, what makes tables excellent to work with, it the way they interact with Formulas, Functions, PivotTables, Data Validation and a host of other features.

Advanced Functions

Understanding Excel's Functions is an import aspect of using Excel to it's full potential.  The advanced functions covered in this course aims to help you understand function structure and requirements which can be applied to any function.

Excel Functions covered in the Advanced Excel course

Advanced Conditional Formatting

Conditional formats are a valuable method for error checking of data entries and highlighting
discrepancies between numbers.

For example, when a cell entry exceeds a specified value or is outside a particular range, the user can be alerted by seeing the value displayed in a different colour.

Excel Conditional Formatting

Data Managment

Learn about Advanced techniques for Sorting, Filtering and Summarising Data with the SUBTOTAL function.

Learn Sorting Filtering and SUBTOTAL function

PivotTables and PivotCharts

A PivotTable is an interactive table that quickly summarises, or cross-tabulates, large amounts of data from lists or tables. Field headers can be dragged to various regions within the PivotTable structure with complete flexibility to create a report.

Once a PivotTable is populated with data it can be rearranged, charted, formatted, filtered, calculated, summarised and broken up into individual pages.

Excel PivotTables and Excel PivotCharts

Macros (VBA for Excel)

When the same actions or tasks are repeatedly performed in documents, it might be time to create a macro. A macro is a recording of each command and action performed to complete a task. Then, whenever a task needs to be carried out in a document, the macro could be run instead.

VBA macros for Excel


Excel Advanced Course Outline

File size: 574 kb

Excel Advanced Exercise Files

File size: 289 kb


  • Live instructor led training
  • Comprehensive training manual
  • Training certificate

Course prerequisites

Previous experience using Microsoft Excel at an Intermediate level is an essential prerequisite for this course.

What's covered

Using Names
  • Naming cells
  • Naming ranges
  • Using Names in formulas and functions
Using Tables
  • Creating Tables
  • Table Components and Features
  • Table Formatting
  • Formulas and Functions in Tables
  • Naming Tables and using Table names in Formulas and Functions
  • Using Slicers
Advanced Functions
  • Function Structure
  • IF function
  • AND / OR functions
  • Nested functions
  • VLOOKUP function
  • XLOOKUP function (Office 365)
  • IS functions
Data Management
  • Advanced Sorting & Filtering
  • SUBTOTAL function
  • Subtotals Feature
  • Constructing PivotTables
  • Data fields
  • Filtering
  • Hiding and showing field details
  • Creating data groups
  • Displaying Source Data
  • PivotTable Options
  • Formatting PivotTables
  • Comparative Calculations
  • Calculated fields
  • Data Consolidation with PivotTables
  • Creating a PivotChart
  • Reorganising Chart Fields
  • Filtering Chart Fields
  • Using Slicers on Charts
Basic Macros
  • Recording Macros
  • Running Macros
  • Assigning Macros to Worksheet Objects
  • Customising the Ribbon


Book a private session for 1 to 12 of your employees. Courses can be customised to suit your learning needs.

from $198 per person
Course Length: 1 day


Join a public course session conducted LIVE ONLINE via Microsoft Teams.

$365 per person

Public session Available dates:

Feb 29
1 day
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Apr 29
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Jun 04
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

The Excel Advanced course aims to give participants a comprehensive overview of Excel’s Formulas, Functions, Tables, PivotTables and PivotCharts in order to create comprehensive reports from databases.

Our Microsoft Excel Advanced training course can be delivered face-to-face in Melbourne or live online across Australia.

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