VBA for Microsoft Excel

Excel VBA training Melbourne


Microsoft Excel VBA training course in Melbourne and across Australia.  Face-to-face Excel VBA training or Live online Excel VBA training courses available.

Spreadsheet automation is an essential skill for users who want to get the most out of their Excel spreadsheets.  Being able to automate repetitive tasks and streamline processess can be a massive time saver.

In this course you will learn how to record macros, write procedures, work with functions, objects build forms and more.


  • Live instructor led training
  • Comprehensive training manual
  • Training certificate

Course prerequisites

Previous experience using Microsoft Excel at an Advanced level is an essential prerequisite for this course.

What's covered

Recorded Macros
  • Setting Macro Security Levels
  • Recording A Simple Macro Running A Recorded Macro Relative Cell References Running A Macro With Relative Cell References Viewing A Macro Module Modifying A Recorded Macro
Recorder Workshop
  • Preparing Data For An Application
  • Recording A Summation Macro
  • Recording Consolidations
  • Recording Divisional Macros
  • Testing Macros
  • Creating Objects To Run Macros
  • Assigning A Macro To An Object
Using The VBA Editor
  • Opening And Closing The Editor
  • Working With The Project Explorer
  • Working With The Properties Window
  • Working With The Work Area
  • Working With A Code Module
  • Running Procedures From The Editor
  • Setting Breakpoints In The Editor
  • Stepping Through A Procedure
Understanding VBA
  • VBA Terminology
  • Accessing The Excel Object Model
  • Using The Immediate Window
  • Working With Object Collections
  • Setting Property Values
  • Working With Worksheets
  • Using The Object Browser
  • Programming With The Object Browser
  • Creating A Command Procedure
  • Making Sense Of IntelliSense
  • Using The Edit Toolbar
  • Commenting Statements
  • Indenting Code
  • Bookmarking In Procedures
Using Variables
  • Creating And Using Variables
  • Implicit & Explicit Declarations
  • The Scope Of Variables
  • Procedure Level Scoping
  • Module Level Scoping
  • Passing Variables By Reference
  • Passing Variables By Value
  • Data Types
  • Declaring Data Types
  • Using Arrays
Using Excel Objects
  • Application Methods And Properties
  • Workbook Methods And Properties
  • Viewing Excel And The Editor Together
  • Using Workbook Objects
  • Worksheet Methods And Properties
  • Using Worksheet Objects
  • Range Methods And Properties
  • Using Range Objects
  • Project – Using Objects In Procedures
Programming Techniques
  • The MsgBox Function
  • Sending Messages To The User
  • InputBox Techniques
  • Using The InputBox Function
  • Using The InputBox Method
  • The IF Statement
  • Using IF For Single Conditions
  • Using IF For Multiple Conditions
  • The FOR NEXT Statement
  • Looping With Known Or Specified Iterations
  • The DO LOOP Statement
  • Looping With Unknown Iterations
  • Programming Techniques Quick Reference
Creating Custom Forms
  • Creating A Custom Form
  • Adding Text Boxes To A Form
  • Changing Text Box Control Properties
  • Adding Label Controls To A Form
  • Adding A Combo Box Control
  • Adding Option Buttons
  • Adding Command Buttons
  • Running A Custom Form
Programming Custom Forms
  • Initialising A Form Closing A Form
  • Project – Transferring Data From A Form
  • Running Form Procedures
  • Running A Form From A Procedure
  • Debug Errors
  • Error Traps
  • Dealing with Errors
  • Prevent Errors
Automatic / Event Procedures
  • Programming Automatic Procedures
  • Running Automatic Procedures
  • Automatically Starting A Workbook


Book a private session for 1 to 12 of your employees. Courses can be customised to suit your learning needs.

from $351.08 per person
Course Length: 2 days

Spreadsheet automation is an essential skill for users who want to get the most out of their Excel spreadsheets.  Being able to automate repetitive tasks and streamline processess can be a massive time saver.

Our Microsoft Excel VBA training course can be delivered face-to-face in Melbourne or live online across Australia.

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